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It is known that a Lissajous plot showing secondary loops is indicative of a linear polymer architecture, while the absence of secondary loops is characteristic of a branched polymer architecture (ref.
However, the obtained results do not reproduce the strain hardening behavior, that can possibly be explained by the model's primary applicability to branched polymer topologies.
PPG Industries has received a patent for a compound that is comprised of the reaction product of a highly branched polymer having terminal amine functional groups and a lactam, wherein the highly branched polymer is the step-growth polymerization reaction product of a polyfunctional first monomer having a first functional group and a polyfunctional second monomer having a second functional group wherein the first and second functional groups will react with each other but not themselves, wherein formation of the highly branched polymer is free of self-condensation of the polyfunctional first monomer, and free of self-condensation of the polyfunctional second monomer.
Steven Zimmerman, professor of chemistry, says that the team's accomplishment is the first example of molecular imprinting in which a single molecular template is imprinted into a single macromolecule--a highly branched polymer called a dendrimer.
All dendrimers have highly branched polymer chains.
g] and [[eta]] will result for a long chain branched polymer compared with its linear counterpart of the same MW.
Homogeneous long-chain branched polymer can have benefits for collapse resistance (high low shear viscosity) and easy dispersion mixing (low high shear viscosity) to result in excellent extrusion processability (fast throughput and minimal melt fracture) which leads to higher surface quality and product consistency.
n] is calculated from the ratio of intrinsic viscosity of the branched polymer fraction (having random, trifunctional polydisperse structure) to the corresponding linear polymer fraction.
The major active ingredient of most chemical peptizers is DBD, which acts to terminate the broken chains before they can react to form branched polymer.
The new molecule - a lacy, branched polymer known as a dendrimer - has a precisely defined structure and can be produced in surprisingly uniform batches, says Jeffrey S.
For both Miles and Hoechst Celanese, toughness is one advantage of polymerization processes that produce a more linear rather than branched polymer.
One of the ways to calculate the MWD for branched polymer is numerical fractionation, where the whole polymer population is classified into number of classes based on the number of branches [10] (e.

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