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tetrahedrally divided, one per segment, in spiral series on superior branchlets.
Mean number of branchlets per terminal branch was higher for B.
Many branchlets will grow of which about two to three shoots are selected on each branch for grafting and producing new varieties and rest removed.
HABIT: Spreading and bushy with upright branchlets.
There are often large numbers of shed branchlets and shoot segments beneath the saxaoul's crown.
Therefore, we examined each shrub in September 1990 and May 1991 for abundance of scales and gall formers by randomly selecting three branchlets from each shrub and counting all scale insects and gall formers by gall type.
The fern branchlets thus formed are referred to in this study as lateral ferns.
Peattie said it excels at that use because it grows thick-set (a gardening term) with zig-zag branchlets to the ground and scattered thorns, and is hardy in extreme weather, such as drought, heat and wind.
In August 1988, six randomly selected 3-yr-old branchlets were sampled from three trees per treatment.
The pine-family needles are straight, sharply tipped, ridged, and are nearly at right angles to the branchlets.
Thus, by separating the leaves from the branchlets [3, 4] the terpenes of a distinct anatomical, and presumably biosynthetic unit can be analyzed.