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It was even filthier and more crowded than the county jail; all the smaller fry out of the latter had been sifted into it--the petty thieves and swindlers, the brawlers and vagrants.
Clatter of hoofs, clinking of weapons, shouts from the drunken brawlers, and high laughter of women, they all rose up, like the mist from a marsh, out of the crowded streets of the dim-lit city.
It was not that the wind swept all the brawlers into places of shelter, as it had swept the hail still lingering in heaps wherever there was refuge for it; but that it seemed as if the streets were absorbed by the sky, and the night were all in the air.
Forrest, perhaps feeling invincible after his marvelous year in 2002, made an incredibly stupid mistake by brawling with a brawler and paid a huge price.
Iv e seen some of Skelton's fights and he's a brawler
A free-swinging brawler (Campbell) against a slick, experienced, smooth-as-silk counter puncher (Casamayor).
In the Allen bout, Lozano fought more like a brawler than a boxer.
Your little ones can build up their collection as we're giving away another Bakugan Brawler toy and game card with tomorrow's Sunday Mirror.
Normally a methodical boxer-puncher, Vargas said he fought as a brawler.
Like my trainer (Eduardo Garcia) said, `No one knows you as a brawler.
The popular Marvel Civil War comic book series has been turned into a button-bashing RPG brawler featuring a truly massive cast of playable characters from the Marvel universe.