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reduced magneticsignature shall be demonstrated in a fully assembled elegant breadboard Model reaction wheel.
The pilot project of a manufacturing execution system implementation specially developed by Siemens AG for discrete manufacture has come closer to its basic operating stage by breadboard model delivery on Proton-PM (Perm Motors) Public Corporation, one of the largest enterprises of the space and rocket industry of the Russian Federation.
of SITEK Group, a provider of adaptive operations execution software solutions and advanced planning systems for manufacturing organizations in Russia, Europe and CIS, the main Competence center on MES-systems authorized by Siemens AG and the Russian Proton-PM (Perm Motors) space and rocket industry enterprise performed the next stage of the ongoing project having finished the system engineering by successful delivery of a test example on MCIS (Motion Control Information System) breadboard model on December 23rd , 2010.
For its day, the MSJ was a very advanced piece of equipment, and the breadboard model functioned well during flight tests.
To investigate the variation in output power level and phase noise property of the conventional push-push FET DRO by adding an identical DR at the drain port, the circuit topology described in references 2 through 5 has been chosen as a breadboard model.
In addition, the operation of a breadboard model of the intended power supply/conditioning systems (including an actual, real-size high-voltage transformer and high-voltage output assembly) was demonstrated by fully energizing a conventional "minitube.
The demonstrated breadboard model driving a mini-tube yielded overall efficiencies in excess of 90% while achieving excellent static and dynamic load and line regulations.
The second milestone, set for December of 2016, includes the breadboard model of the CubeSat, which is the stage just before the prototype is constructed.
The activity will initially concentrate on the thrust head technology design modifications and manufacturing process development culminating in the manufacture and experimental performance validation of a high thrust density Colloid Thrust Head breadboard model.
The objective of this activity is the design development and testing of a fully functioning breadboard model for additive layer manufacturing (ALM) for potential in-flight demonstration aboard the ISS.