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To teach a dog jumping up is unacceptable, try to break contact when he jumps up by stepping back quickly and raise your hands out of reach of him.
And apart from the fact that both boast capabilities as in-flight refuellers, this is about all the two have in common since one will break contact with the planet at max 141 tonnes and the other at 81.
The lead pilot requested to do a low "show of force" pass first because, in most cases, once the enemy heard and saw aircraft they would break contact.
Gone were the brief firefights, when the Taliban would break contact because Coalition air support was on the way, and the infrequent attacks involving improvised explosive devices, which occurred mostly on the margins of the province.
That helps a lot but people break contact sometimes even though they aren't supposed to," Ingram said.
Other terrorists ran out towards the forest firing indiscriminately in order to break contact.
It is more than just a consideration of CDE but more importantly, what is required (number of rounds, type of rounds, effects required) or if it is even necessary to effectively respond to the threat to allow friendly forces to minimize the threat or to allow friendly forces to break contact with the threat as outlined in the TD.
Opponents focus on Scientology's "disconnection" policy, in which members are encouraged to break contact with friends or family members who are critical of Scientology.
realis wasn "So 'We have cont alto "T she was like, are going to to break contact altogether'.
Balloons, anything is good to press the issue home that most often the threat is moving and we may have no other choice but to move also, move to contact, move to break contact, move to cover or concealment.
Break contact with your vision from time to time to listen to the sage advice of colleagues on your left and right.
Instead, the gas was used to force enemy troops from cover, to break contact during an ambush, or to deny terrain.