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see sunfishsunfish,
common name for members of the family Centrachidae, comprising numerous species of spiny-finned, freshwater fishes with deep, laterally flattened bodies found in temperate North America.
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(Austral), brim
1. any of several Eurasian freshwater cyprinid fishes of the genus Abramis, esp A. brama, having a deep compressed body covered with silvery scales
2. white or silver bream a similar cyprinid, Blicca bjoerkna
3. short for sea bream


Julian (Alexander). born 1933, English guitarist and lutenist
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Russell Palmer, from Rhiwbina, was three pegs away and runner up with a 41lb 5oz mixture of bream and carp on pole and pellets and Newport member John Mack third with 33lb 4oz.
Plastic worms catch more bass than any other bait, but down-sized plastic worms are just as effective on bream.
The armament and crew were scanty as well: the official armament of this class of vessels consisted of four 12-pounder carronades and they carried a crew of twenty, although Bream seems to have carried two additional 6-pounder cannon and a crew of forty during the war.
Overnight visitors to LochMaben's Castle Loch have fared well recently, and a bream of 11lb 10oz from the loch is currently awaiting ratification as a new Scottish record for the species.
WestLB later said it would not back any bid by Bream ahead of the panel's deadline.
By implanting each fish with GnRH and then modulating the conditions in the recirculating tanks late last year, the center's biologists fooled female bream into thinking they'd reached their Mediterranean spawning ground.
Bream holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.
Historical background aside, the book's focus on Bream is constrained in scope to just seven years: from 1944, when the eleven-year-old first discovered his love of music and devotion to the guitar, to 1951, with the eighteen-year-old's acclaimed success in his first Wigmore Hall recital.
The formation of Silver China is subject to a number of conditions including, but not limited to, the execution of a definitive equity joint venture agreement between the parties, the delivery by Sino-Top of audited financial statements in conformity with General Accepted Accounting Principles ("GAAP") and the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the approval by the Chinese government of the formation of the equity joint venture and the contributions of the parties, and compliance by Sino-Top with due diligence requests of Bream, including the delivery of all geological and technical data related to the properties.
With this fine water in true form for skimmer and bream catches, Bolton's Paul Swift led the field on Sunday with a 24.
BREAM to 5lb took Mike Towler's red maggots fished with a swim feeder during the open match at Port Talbot Docks and Glamorgan Rebels member went on to win with 17lb 12oz.