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1. the intake and expulsion of air during respiration
2. the air inhaled or exhaled during respiration
3. a single respiration or inhalation of air, etc

What does it mean when you dream about breath?

Many people have problems breathing during sleep, even if they do not have full-blown apnea, and this can be reflected in one’s dream life. If not an apnea symptom, holding one’s breath in a dream represent an expression of will, or repressing one’s anxieties or emotions. Breathing is also central to an unusually large number of idioms: “a breath of fresh air,” “a waste of breath,” “take your breath away,” “catch your breath,” “out of breath,” and the like, any one of which could find expression in one’s dreams.

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Debut album Weird Sister featured tunes that skittered along breathlessly recalling the finer moments of the C86 movement of yore while offering a thoroughly modern template.
Breathlessly orchestrated action sequences, including a spectacular opening aboard a C-130 Hercules transport plane, are mightily impressive.
Twists and turns in the script are the same as Sam Raimi's action-packed 2002 blockbuster but technology has advanced in gargantuan bounds and The Amazing Spider-Man soars in the breathlessly paced action sequences.
Working in 3D for the first time, director Barry Sonnenfeld imbues each breathlessly orchestrated scene with impish humour.
The paper breathlessly reported that the half a dozen placard-wielding 'Right to Work' campaigners who shut down Tesco in Westminster the other week over the whole work experience thing had covert links to the Socialist Workers Party.
Iceland volcano ruptures amid Harold Camping Doomsday," it said, breathlessly telling us that the volcano erupted at 5.
Embarrassed, I breathlessly introduced myself and explained why I was calling.
He returned breathlessly, and asked if I could translate for them as they wanted similar pullovers.
Bombs away: The Sunday Herald, a small Scottish Nationalist newspaper, reported breathlessly last week that the United States was on the verge of attacking Iran.
Often, the verve is found in a faithful and passionate rendition of one of the classics, such as her breathlessly moving rendition of "Summertime.
Of course, I'm well accustomed to hearing those words breathlessly uttered underneath the mirrored ceiling of my boudoir but it's a rare phrase to encounter in a footballing context.
Set pieces are breathlessly orchestrated, culminating in an overblown showdown at the dockyards.