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Difficult or labored breathing.



disruption of the rate and depth of respiration, accompanied by the sensation of shortness of breath.

Cardiac patients experience dyspnea both while physically exerting themselves and while subsequently resting in the horizontal position. Their condition is complicated by orthopnea, the inability to breathe except in a sitting position. In patients with cardiac diseases, attacks of severe dyspnea, which usually occur at night, are a symptom of cardiac asthma. In such cases, the dyspnea is inspiratory; that is, the patient finds it difficult to inhale. Expiratory dyspnea, difficulty in exhaling, arises when the lumina of the small bronchi and bronchioles are narrowed, as in bronchial asthma. It also arises when the elasticity of the lung tissue is lost, as in chronic emphysema of the lungs. Cerebral dyspnea is a result of direct irritation of the cerebral respiratory center by such abnormalities as tumors and hemorrhages.

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the my "of life have "The dizziness and breathlessness stopped very soon after the operation - in fact the breathlessness went almost straight away.
The disease progresses slowly and although smokers in their 30s may already be developing the disease, they often attribute their symptoms to a 'smoker's cough' and modify their daily activity to avoid any exercise provoking breathlessness.
By then I was already thoroughly bored with the discussion, the obituaries, the special documentaries, the air of national breathlessness.
Each woman was asked to keep a daily record of symptoms - wheezing, coughing, breathlessness and chest tightness - and to take a test that measures how effectively she could clear her lungs.
Scientific dogma holds that the body's immune system clears this virus, but an infection can leave the lungs vulnerable to a chronic condition in which pollutants in the air and other allergens trigger breathlessness.
Some of the pieces suggest that West is at his inspirational best when his homiletic juices are in flood, but the knotty textual residues of the kinetic orality at which he excels lend the longer essays a certain breathlessness.
People are very symptomatic with breathlessness and cough and there are currently no effective treatments.
Director of screening with CRY Dr Steven Cox said: "There are symptoms such as breathlessness, exercise-related chest pains and passing out.
Based in Whitchurch Hospital grounds, the hospice holds various groups and clinics for patients and their carers including a day centre, reflexology, massage and breathlessness clinics.
Respiratory nurse specialists will also be available to answer any questions about the disease, coping with breathlessness and smoking, as well as a representative from the British Lung Foundation charity.
Other possible symptoms include breathlessness, loss of appetite, fatigue and weight loss.