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Holes WC-22 and 23 were drilled due south instead of due east to intersect the sulphide breccia dike discovered in hole WC-13, as well as other easterly trending mineralized structures that would have been missed by east-directed holes.
Of particular note is a previously unknown sulphide-matrix breccia dike beginning at 125 meters that averages 1.
several breccia dikes, and larger areas of quartz latite porphyry containing silicic, carbonate, and iron oxide alteration.
The area surrounding the mineral properties has breccia zones, breccia dikes and quartz veins, which stretches to the southeast and is said to contain not only gold but significant quantities of silver as well.
The mineralization occurs in dacites and dacite porphyries intruding a fine grain granite and is associated with breccia dikes, crackle breccias and stockwork veining.