brick masonry

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brickwork, brick masonry

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Of these, a large lightly reinforced brick masonry, retail building in Pomona that was recently retrofitted performed well.
The all-new format features color photos and illustrations, an informative Summary of Recommendations, key masonry terms, an overview of building code requirements for masonry structures, and tips and guidelines for the use of brick masonry.
Kornblau, senior vice president-apartments, stated that in addition to its good location, Parkwood Terrace offers lower maintenance costs due to the brick masonry construction, convenient access to the mall and other major shopping.
head for boosting station, construction of brick masonry pump chamber of size 3.
Tenders are invited for 1) cleaning and removing sludge de-silt earth from culvert and drain 2) construction of brick masonry drain from ntpc culvert 80.
There is a dramatic contrast between the ultra modern rooftop and the red brick masonry of the base building, which was built as a warehouse over 100 years ago," adds Mr.
Reflective of the diversity of the New York City market, the Chapter's mission is not limited to concrete but includes restoration, preservation, and maintenance of all constructed facilities, and encompasses brick masonry, stone, terra cotta, roofing, terraces, plazas, and fenestration.
The contractor will install new, copper fabric membrane flashings, as well as a new, custom-fabricated, brick masonry veneer with state-of-the-art wall-ties and fasteners.
cutting,jointing and testing of Stone Ware pipes grade %A% of sizes 200 mm to 600 mm and construction of brick masonry Manhole
Registration is open to contractors, subcontractors, vendors, trades people and service providers, as well as local residents interested in learning carpentry, painting, brick masonry, and other construction skills.
Tenders are invited for Making Brick Masonry Chabutra Near 9 Seam Incline Of Jogidih Colliery