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bride price:

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socially sanctioned union that reproduces the family. In all societies the choice of partners is generally guided by rules of exogamy (the obligation to marry outside a group); some societies also have rules of endogamy (the obligation to marry within a group).
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The elites' cattle wealth has also inflated bride price (Sommers and Schwartz 2011).
And--most striking of all--was the bachelorization of Gende society with a preponderance among men in their late twenties and thirties in both villages and town and a large number of Gende women marrying non-Gende husbands who could afford higher bride prices.
However, much of the income that workers earned was lost in an inflationary spiral of higher-than-ever bride prices and the aggressive gambling tactics of distantly related Chimbu, Gende, and Ramu peoples, who showed up on paydays to engage workers in gambling sessions that lasted until the visitors left with extra cash in their pockets (Zimmer-Tamakoshi 1996).
Young women were frequently pushed into marriage with men who could afford larger bride prices so that the young women's parents could balance other exchange obligations, in some cases using a woman's bride price to obtain a bride for her brother.
Current customary law stipulates that a marriage is not considered legal unless a bride price has been paid, usually in the form of cows.
A senior chief of Kongoor Payam [district], denied that bride prices were too high arguing that they had gone up in line with the level of education achieved by the in the area girls.
Cattle are important for status and for bride prices in many South Sudanese communities.
There has been speculation that this is partly due to men who want to marry being forced out of the market by inflated bride prices -- a result of more competition as South Sudanese men return home to the villages.
If too much attachment is placed in bride prices, then little focus will be on the importance of education," Grande said.
If too much attachment is placed in bride prices, then little focus will be on the importance of education," said Grande, as she closed last week's 10-day workshop on gender-based violence held in Juba, the South Sudan capital.
A minimum bride price in Dinka Bor culture is 30 cattle (variable), 35 for Nuer, 45 for Murle as Anyuak, Jieng and Kachipo bride prices are arbitrarily close to these figures.