bridle path

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bridle path, riding trail

A path, cleared and compacted, reserved for riding horses and barred to vehicles.
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There are other locations where horses could be taken for a walk nearby the Horse Racing Complex or the Bahrain International Endurance Village, so there is no need for the bridle path in Zallaq," said area councillor Bader Al Dossary, who is also technical committee chairman.
Recently redesigned by famed Architect Jacques Dinel of Dinel Design, with influences by Louis XIV and the Palladian styles of Europe, Bridle Path Estate makes a stunning first impression.
He came up with more than floorplans, however, completing a full colour drawing of the new look Bridle Path, right down to potential window styling, suggested colour of render and new, quality joinery.
But as part of the security review, a manned police box that stood on the bridle path for years was removed.
n]) plus some proportion, P, of the number of fish in the bridle path ([N.
Clockwise from top left, the Grey Horse at East Boldon, the Blagdon Arms in Cramlington, the Bridle Path in Whickham and the Pow Burn in North Shields, all owned by Bramwell
Influenced by Louis XIV and the Palladian styles of Europe, the Bridle Path Estate, boasting over 27,000 square feet of living area and panoramic views, will be sold at auction in cooperation with Barry Cohen Homes
SET in approximately a third of an acre, this secluded detached property is along a private road and bridle path between Binley Woods and Brandon.
The Mile Road is the only bridle path in the area and can be ridden without a charge, but it is multi-used, not exclusive to horses and was used long before the park was there, as was the lake.
Kelly Hyde, 24, of New Road, Ammanford, was walking on a remote stretch of bridle path when she was smashed to the ground in a brutal attack, Swansea Crown Court heard.
THE identity of a woman was still a mystery last night after her charred corpse was found on a bridle path yards from the family estate of TV It-girl Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.
A POLICE probe was launched last night after a body was found near a country bridle path.