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A Win95/WinNT utility for keeping files on two computers without permanent connection in sync.

The scenario briefcase was designed for is the combination of an office computer and a portable one. You connect the two before leaving your office, create a briefcase on the portable (if you don't already have one on it), then copy the files you want to work on while away into the briefcase. You can at this point disconnect the two computers, take the portable with you and work on the files in the briefcase at home or on the road. When you get back to your office the briefcase utility can automatically update the files you changed on the office computer.


In Windows 95/98, a system folder used for synchronizing files between two computers, typically a desktop and laptop computer. Files to be worked on are placed into a Briefcase, which is then transferred to the second machine via floppy, cable or network. The Briefcase is then brought back to the original machine after its contents have been edited on the second machine, and a special update function replaces the original files with the new ones.
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The briefcase was placed in the boot on his return but was then left in the vehicle for four days as he went on a trip to London with his wife, returning on May 13.
He discovered the briefcase was missing on the afternoon of May 15 when he pulled up at Warwick Services whilst on a visit to Oxford.
I don't think there is anything of any use in those briefcases, but I still think that even if there is a slight chance of there being any clues amongst his papers, then obviously the police need to look at them immediately.
Never before, however, had an outside participant actually grabbed the briefcase.
Hulme Co's Portfolio Briefcase is available in four styles: Greystone Canvas, American Heritage Leather, Saddle Heritage Leather and Black 1905 Leather.
The briefcase belonged to a 70-year-old jeweller who had been misled by the suspects into thinking they were interested in renting her holiday home in Lofou.
The briefcase also contained cheque books, a laptop, a mobile phone, passports and other important documents.
He said the briefcase was apparently placed in the trunk shortly before the Shah fled Iran at the time of the 1979 revolution.
Perez told police he was aware the victim possessed a briefcase with money within his room at the convalescent home.
Whoever stole the briefcase may not have realised what was inside.
LaBolt said he could not determine exactly who received a briefcase, but among Obama's entourage were senior officials such as Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, speechwriter Jon Favreau and National Security Adviser James Jones.
Henry Hopkins, 49, of Stockbridge Lane, Huyton, was found carrying almost 5kg of the drug in a briefcase.