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Flemish painters, brothers. Mattys Brill (mä`tīs), 1550–83, went to Rome early in his career and executed frescoes for Gregory XIII in the Vatican. Paul Brill, 1554–1626, probably studied in Rome with his brother and succeeded him at the Vatican. His calm, well-observed landscapes exercised a great influence on Italian art. His works after 1600 show his mature style; the landscape elements are arranged like stage-set wings receding diagonally into depth, his brushwork is broader, and his atmospheric effects refined. His frescoes and oils are found in many Roman churches. Martyrdom of St. Clement (Vatican), against a seascape, is perhaps his best-known work. He often painted small landscapes on copper.


a European food fish, Scophthalmus rhombus, a flatfish similar to the turbot but lacking tubercles on the body: family Bothidae
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Sunshine & Associates, Brill was acquisitions and development advisor to Cherokee Investment Partners.
Brill provides an excellent capsule history of the Jim Crow laws, which codified the segregation of blacks in every area of life in parts of the United States and paved the way for lynchings and other acts of violence.
Our authors deserve as large an audience as possible, and we are sure our cooperation with Brill will have a great effect on that.
And Brill said: "With 10 games to go, the boys will be looking to get a few more goals.
Izale McLeod gave Barnet hope when he smashed in the rebound from Sam Deering's shot, but Dean Lewington released Powell who kept his cool in a one-on-one with Brill to settle the tie.
Brill said the Review aims to bridge the gap between scholarship and practice by creating a forum to identify and discuss legal developments within international organizations as observed by practitioners working for those organizations as well as theoretical analyses of international institutional law.
The media feels stripped naked and they are not likely to forgive Brill.
But this "realist" law beat had been left largely uncolonized by quality journalists until Steve Brill planted his flag a decade ago.
The intent of the proposed field test was simply to demonstrate that genetically engineered plants do not have unexpected properties, Brill says.
Brill received an International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) from the Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina in May 2005.
And 28-year-old Brill saved two spotkicks during the dramatic finale as the nine-man Highland outfit set up a showdown with Aberdeen on March 16.
Brill, Owner and Managing Director of Dr Brill & Partner said: The Middle Eastern region has significant potential for developing a thriving health and life science sector.