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flesh of hogs—especially from the sides, belly, or back—that has been preserved by being salted or pickled and then dried with or without wood smoke. Traditionally, the process consisted of soaking the pork in brine or rubbing it in a salt mixture by hand, then smoking the sides in smoke from an open chimney. It sometimes took three or four months. Bacon is still home cured in some rural communities, but the bulk of its manufacture is carried on in large industrial meatpacking plants equipped to slaughter, dress, cure, smoke, and sell on a large scale. Bacon refers to different cuts in different countries. In the United States it usually means the side between the fifth rib and the hipbone. In Europe, the word bacon generally refers to one half of a fattened pig. Bacon has one of the highest fat contents of any cut of meat.


1. Francis, Baron Verulam, Viscount St. Albans. 1561--1626, English philosopher, statesman, and essayist; described the inductive method of reasoning: his works include Essays (1625), The Advancement of Learning (1605), and Novum Organum (1620)
2. Francis. 1909--92, British painter, born in Dublin, noted for his distorted, richly coloured human figures, dogs, and carcasses
3. Roger. ?1214--92, English Franciscan monk, scholar, and scientist: stressed the importance of experiment, demonstrated that air is required for combustion, and first used lenses to correct vision. His Opus Majus (1266) is a compendium of all the sciences of his age
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Most of this year's excessive spending is targeted for other states represented by lawmakers with seniority, key committee posts and an affinity for bringing home the bacon.
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A BUTCHER who has worked for 50 years without a single day off sick has vowed to carry on bringing home the bacon.
Out in the Antelope Valley, Assemblyman George Runner, R-Lancaster, did an outstanding job bringing home the bacon.
WOMEN entrepreneurs may be bringing home the bacon, but they are still doing the dishes - despite 40 per cent saying their business is the only source of income in the household.
And while none of this stuff is his fault, it can't have been much fun for a young woman who, as well as bringing home the bacon while hubby stays at home, has half the nation's men lusting after her.