broad knife

broad knife, stripping knife

A knife with a square-edged, wedge-shaped blade for removing paint or wallpaper; similar to a putty knife but with a wider blade.
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They put a man inside a frame and a sort of broad knife falls by machinery -they call the thing a guillotine-it falls with fearful force and weight-the head springs off so quickly that you can't wink your eye in between.
They both wore long coats, one carried a small knife and the other brandished an 18 inch broad knife which she described as a meat cleaver.
Tool list Sponge 6-inch broad knife Razor blade Tape measure Chalk line Paste brush Squeegee Roller pan Roller cover for varnish Varnish brush Paint thinner (for clean up) Materials list Floor leveler compound Pre-mixed paste Wallpaper Polyurethane sealer Polyurethane finish DUANE MARK 2098 S.