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This extraordinary, new laser system features ultrashort pulses over a very broad tuning range of 680 to 1300 nm for deepest imaging, delivering continuous, fully-automated tuning from a single beam.
The broad tuning range inherent in external cavity technology enables the successful analysis of multi-component samples where blended absorption features or broad backgrounds can produce ambiguous results when using Distributed Feedback (DFB) devices with limited tuning ranges.
Kailight's breakthrough technology requires a tunable laser that provides enhanced performance over a broad tuning range," said Sagie Tsadka, President and CEO of Kailight.
PowerSweep 2000 effectively addresses the call for high power, broad tuning, integrated wavelength stability and several additional customer requirements.
Until now, tunable laser approaches have typically provided either adequate fiber launch power or a broad tuning range, but not both in a practical format.
By inventing a vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) technology, which incorporates both broad tuning and direct modulation, the company is developing optical transmission products that will allow remote, dynamic provisioning of bandwidth to businesses and consumers.