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The rill credibility of smooth bromegrass was at maximum in mid-April and decreased sharply in May.
Follett and his team converted the bromegrass field into no-till corn and controlled weeds chemically.
The binary mixtures included kura clover-Kentucky bluegrass (KBG), kura clover-orchardgrass (OG), kura clover-smooth bromegrass (SB), and kura clover alone.
Davenport JR, Thomas RL (1988) Carbon partitioning and rhizodeposition in corn and bromegrass.
Comparison of viability tests for assessing cross-adaptation to freezing, heat and salt stresses induced by abscisic acid in bromegrass (Bromus inermis Leyss) suspension cultured cells.
In May 1998, 4 common grasses on the Plateau, smooth bromegrass (Bromus inermis, BI), siberian wildryegrass (Elymus sibricus, ES), drooping wildryegrass (Elymus nutans, EN), and crested wheatgrass (Agropyron cristatum, AC) were combined in 3 mixtures with different compositions and seed rates as follows: 38 kg/ha of BI + 56 kg/ha of EN (BI + EN); 38 kg/ha of BI + 14 kg/ha of ES + 23 kg/ha of AC (BI + ES + AC); and 19 kg/ha of BI + 14 kg/ha of ES + 28 kg/ha of EN + 23 kg/ha of AC (BI + ES + EN + AC).
We calculated the most profitable nitrogen application rate for smooth bromegrass, creeping foxtail, meadow foxtail, and reed canarygrass at various nitrogen costs and hay prices.
Orchardgrass, smooth bromegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass are commonly used in improved pastures or for hay in the North-Central USA.
1998) showed that the most sensitive parameter for smooth bromegrass response to compaction, as measured by bulk density, was shoot biomass.
1992) reported acetate:propionate ratios to increase linearly when low quality bromegrass was substituted with 15, 30, 45, or 60% soybean hulls.
1972) found that alfalfa, cornstalks, oat straw, sawdust, and bromegrass produced similar increases in organic C in a Hapludoll in Iowa.