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common name for plants of the family Bromeliaceae (pineapplepineapple,
common name for one member of and for the Bromeliaceae, a family of chiefly epiphytic herbs and small shrubs native to the American tropics and subtropics. The spiny leaves of various species of the genus Ananas
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More than a dozen varieties of bromeliads dot the property.
This species nested on at least 12 substrate types, including understory shrubs, bromeliad epiphytes, canopy trees, and exotic as well as native species.
One of the purposes of the BSI (that means you, the members--there is no one else involved) is to promote and maintain interest in the preservation of bromeliads.
Most studies of arthropods living inside bromeliads do not show specificity for particular bromeliad species (Richardson 1999; Ospina-Bautista et al.
Although strong-billed woodcreepers have been documented foraging at bromeliads, several species of woodcreepers are quite rare, thinly spread, and little is known about their habits (Ridgely and Gwynne, 1989; Howell and Webb, 1995).
Mary and her husband, Dennis, are members of the Baton Rouge Bromeliad Society and have devoted much of their lives to collecting, growing, and selling Bromeliads and Tillandsias.
Bromeliads need a well-composted soil, says Bryan Chan of the San Fernando Valley Bromeliad Society.
Dribble water into the center cup of a bromeliad when it dries.
Arriving at the Ecoposada, the eco-friendly hostel that would be their home for the next three clays, the students exiting the bus commented on the briskness of the air and pointed to the pine trees, the likes of which they had never seen After a quick tour of the hostel, where the children admired the organic shade grown coffee plants and the citrus and banana trees, two resident UAPitos led the group to a family-run nursery where they have been conducting research on the reproductive habits of orchids and bromeliads Each group of visitors listened to descriptions of the over 50 bromeliad and orchid species found in the area.
THERE are many different types of bromeliad and all of them look extremely exotic with their striking leaves and strangely shaped, brightly coloured flowers.
One of the most spectacular plants is the giant tank bromeliad that grows as high as twelve feet.