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see ApatosaurusApatosaurus
, [Gr.,=deceptive lizard], quadruped saurischian dinosaur, estimated to be from 70 to 90 ft (21 to 27 m) in length and to weigh up to 30 tons (27 metric tons). The similar dinosaur formerly called Brontosaurus [Gr.
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, brontosaur
any very large herbivorous quadrupedal dinosaur of the genus Apatosaurus, common in North America during Jurassic times, having a long neck and long tail: suborder Sauropoda (sauropods)
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Marsh described and named Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus, two genuses of sauropod dinosaurs.
Craig Quinnell rampaged through the French defence like a scarlet brontosaurus
Smith's black and white textured illustrations and Viorst's intrusive authorial voice and adept storytelling combine perfectly in the lively, Lulu and the Brontosaurus.
Einstein" the Brontosaurus lived during the Jurassic Period, about 150 million years ago.
The brontosaurus that had a separate brain for its tail, but Queen's Park doesn't have even that much processing capacity for Northern Ontario.
Chevron operates two other fields discovered in the Perdido area, Tiger and Trident, and owns interests in two exploration prospects, Whale and North Brontosaurus.
For instance, the idea for the skeleton -- made partly from a children's clay manufactured by Crayola -- came to him when he and his wife and daughter visited the Natural History Museum in London and gazed up at a brontosaurus skeleton.
It is all the fault of our stone age ancestors' had they been a little more intelligent, environmentally friendly, globally aware and not used fossil fuels to cook their brontosaurus we would still have glaciers and ice sheets across the country today.
But before we get too far down that route, here are some things the fairer sex would miss if we blokes went the way of the brontosaurus.
Not likely to be confused with a pocket guide, unless one happens to be a brontosaurus in chinos, this comprehensive guide to C# and the world of Windows, Internet and Web programming with Visual Studio 2005 and the .
Whereas a lone brontosaurus stalked Kong's native Skull Island in the original, the new version features a stampeding herd of the thunder lizards.
Perhaps Tralee with go the way of the Brontosaurus, but if that is what the locals want, then do not be surprised if other small courses come under similar pressure.