bronze sculpture

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bronze sculpture.

Bronze is ideal for casting art works; it flows into all crevices of a mold, thus perfectly reproducing every detail of the most delicately modeled sculpture. It is malleable beneath the graver's tool and admirable for repoussérepoussé
, the process or the product of ornamenting metallic surfaces with designs in relief hammered out from the back by hand. Gold and silver are most commonly used today for fine work, but copper and tin are suitable for the purpose, and bronze was extensively used
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 work. The Egyptians used bronze, cast and hammered, for utensils, armor, and statuary far in advance of the Bronze AgeBronze Age,
period in the development of technology when metals were first used regularly in the manufacture of tools and weapons. Pure copper and bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, were used indiscriminately at first; this early period is sometimes called the Copper Age.
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 in Europe. The Greeks were unexcelled in bronze sculpture. Among the few surviving examples of their work are two masterpieces: The Zeus of Artemisium (National Mus., Athens) and The Delphic Charioteer (Delphi Mus.). Examples of Etruscan artisans' work include a bronze chariot found at Monteleone (Metropolitan Mus.) and the celebrated Capitoline Wolf (Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome). The Romans took quantities of bronze statues from Greece and made thousands themselves. They employed bronze for doors and for furniture, utensils, and candelabra, of which some were recovered at Pompeii and Herculaneum. Early medieval bronzes consisted mainly of utensils and domestic and ecclesiastical ornaments. During the Renaissance, Italian sculptors wrought magnificent bronzes of many sorts, outstanding among which are Ghiberti's doors to the baptistery of Florence and the sculptures of Donatello, Verrocchio, Giovanni Bologna, Pollaiuolo, and Cellini. A series of monumental effigies of the monarchs are among the finest English bronzes. France was known in the 18th cent. for gilded bronze furniture mounts. Major modern sculptors who have worked in bronze include Rodin, Epstein, Brancusi, and Lipchitz. The classic description of Renaissance bronze casting is given in Cellini's Autobiography (1558–62).


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An eight-foot bronze sculpture created by the celebrated artist stands proudly on a wall outside Tenby Museum and Art Gallery and faces the South Beach and Caldey Island.
Bronze sculpture starts with the modelling of clay and wax, and contrasts with the unforgiving, reductive process of marble-carving in which one false move with the chisel or an unexpected flaw in the stone can spell disaster.
The plan for this section calls for re-grading to improve drainage; constructing a walkway that continues from Phase Three ("Event Garden and Screen Wall"); and installing landscaping, a water feature that could include the historic circa-1900 "Hebe" cast zinc sculpture from Riverside Cemetery (pending its restoration), bronze sculpture, a sturgeon feature, an art water feature, visitor seating, lighting, and an in-ground watering system.
Trilogy, the bronze sculpture which wins the VA Prize this year, was itself inspirational to the artist.
The bronze sculpture, called Compassion, was a familiar sight for generations of patients at Selly Oak Hospital after being installed in 1961.
The bronze sculpture depicts a weary Jesus wrapped in a blanket, face covered.
A BRONZE sculpture created by French impressionist Edgar Degas is being unveiled at its new home in the National Museum in Cardiff today.
But turning a wood carving into a colorful bronze sculpture takes several months.
The Munich Games gold medalist was at Lisburn Civic Centre where the bronze sculpture was placed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Dame Mary gaining her place in Northern Ireland's history.
The gallery's celebration is also the first opportunity to see an 18-inch bronze sculpture of former Toon manager Sir Bobby by Tom Maley.
A BRONZE sculpture called Looted Shop Front will be a talking point at the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, from this weekend.
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