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5 mm) occurs as sparse phenocrysts, displaying a hypherstene and bronzite composition ([En.
Additionally, limited exchange of xenocrysts (labradorite, edenitic amphibole, and bronzite in dacites, oligoclase and andesine in andesitic enclaves) might have occurred during this entrainment stage.
REGAL: a glorious entrance hall featuring Bronzite tiles
STYLISH: The shimmering brilliance of Trend's Diamond mosaic tiles STUNNING: The dramatic, deep tone of Trend's Bronzite mosaic tiles
Screenplay, Eitan Arrusi, Daniel Bronzite, Chris Baker, Andy Day; stow, Bronzite, Adams, James Gay-Rees.
The hole was collared on Norite and intersected the contact between the Norite and Bronzite - the geologic contact commonly located near the VEZ.
Petrographically, the basalts are described as containing calcic plagioclase, augite, and rarer pigeonite and bronzite, and Fe-Ti oxides, and vary from holocrystalline to variably vitrophyric ([less than or equal to]30%).
These claims cover the upper member of the Ultramafic series composed of cumulates of Olivine and Bronzite, as well as the contact between the Ultramafic series and the Banded series.