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Heavily infested by insects.
The young of animals.
To incubate eggs or cover the young for warmth.
An animal kept for breeding.



the young members of a family of birds or mammals (hatchlings, litters). Sometimes the term also refers to the offspring and both parents or one (in polygamous species). The number of young animals in the brood or litter varies greatly from species to species, depending upon their fertility; for example, birds can have from one to 24 hatchlings, and mammals can have from one to 20 young. Even within one species the number of young can vary; in particular, it depends upon the climatic conditions of the year and other such factors.

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Brood mare with foal at foot, 4 years old & over D Pedley.
Standing reserve in the supreme was Drogeda She's A Lady, a 10-year-old brood mare owned by RD & DL Allen.
Robin Jones from Tudweiliog with his champion Limousin bull Left, Alwyn Thomas from Bethel, Caernarfon with his brood mare cob - overall in-hand champion in the Welsh section at the Nefyn show.
She was sold to Arthur Lee in Bradford, who sold her to someone in Yorkshire as a brood mare.
He has used money from his leisure interests to bankroll his love of racing, which developed after he was given a brood mare as payment for a debt more than 30 years ago.
11-furlong maiden from market rival Rudder, but Dunlop is playing it gently at the moment with the colt, whose dam Rafha won the Prix de Diane for owner-breeder Prince Faisal and has since proved a splendid brood mare for him.
Heading the Welsh breeds in the horse section was the Section C leader, Gweunydd Brenhines, a four-year-old brood mare bred by Dafydd Davies and shown by wife Glenna, of Penrallt, Nant y Rhiw.
He said: "The CEO is expected to attend at major international sales and race meetings, network with clients, and spot stallion or brood mare prospects.
Brood mare with foal at foot, four years old and over A Payne.
He trained her to win a point-to-point and she will eventually go back to him as a brood mare.
Standing in reserve was the Billing family's nine-year-old Shire brood mare, the bay Ballafayle Rozeta shown with her as yet unnamed foal.
Taking the supreme title was Weston Black Velvet, a Section A senior brood mare from Sara Tibbey, of the Lacy Stud, Bala.