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What does it mean when you dream about a closet?

A closet may represent a place to store or hide people or things. Movies and other narratives often show people hiding in a closet. People with an unsavory past are said to have “skeletons in the closet.” In more modern times, the closet has also come to signify the unveiling of previously hidden aspects of the self, as in “coming out of the closet.”


1. A small enclosed storage area.
2. A small private room, often off a bedroom.


The closet in your dream may have emotional, psychological, or physical connotations. Closets are used to store good things that we need as well as useless stuff. Emotionally they hold memories, secrets, precious emotions, and valuable thoughts. Consider all of the details in your dream and try to see the message clearly. Do you need to clean out the closet, come out of the closet, or share the things that you have stored in that closet?
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The credit union has grown from two original employees to a current staff of 180, from a few hundred members to more than 73,000 and from a lowly broom closet to eight branches.
And, after earning his business degree, Schnatter started business in 1984 on his own terms; selling his prized, 1972 Z28 Camaro to buy $1,600 worth of used restaurant equipment, and serving pizzas out of a renovated broom closet in the back of Mick's Lounge, co-owned by his father in his hometown.
This compartment is about the size of a small broom closet, and the toilet is placed as far back as possible in it against the far wall.
The courthouse replaced a 40-year-old courthouse at 10th Street West and Avenue J, in which officials worked in cramped conditions and part of a women's restroom and a broom closet were converted to judge's chambers.
10 If a ballerina drops dead backstage or accidentally gets locked in a broom closet, always be prepared to jump into her costume.
One photograph in this group showed the ivy-clad exterior of a building; another displayed a boarded-up door; the remaining three featured depictions of a dying potted plant, a broom closet shot from an extremely strange angle (as if by someone standing on top of a stool), and a kitchen adorned with children's party decorations, many of which were set in near-total darkness.
As the mother of two autistic boys, Kathy Labosh draws upon her experience and hard-earned expertise to write The Child With Autism At Home: The Home-Life Guide which is a succinct compilation of 350 tips for parenting an autistic child in every area of the home environment including the attic, master bedroom, child's bedroom, "the corner", the family room, playroom, music room, kitchen, study, bathroom, broom closet, even the front and back doors.
Handwritten and typescript drafts of early writings were found in a broom closet beneath a staircase at Rowan Oak in 1970.
When I took my first full-time job in the field in 1989, the facility had so little space for psychologists that we had to create a round-robin schedule for office use, often traipsing from one office to the other, packed briefcases in hand, and occasionally having to perform our practice in a hallway or broom closet.
Many landlords simply ignore this requirement, putting in broom closet manufacturing on a floor.
The image conveyed is of some intrepid investigator who came upon said manuscript in a broom closet where it had been left to moulder among the sponges and buckets.