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a. a member of a male religious order who undertakes work for the order without actually being in holy orders
b. a lay member of a male religious order

What does it mean when you dream about your brother?

A dream about one’s brother or any other close family member is difficult to interpret because of the extensive shared history. One’s real-life brother sometimes represents the concept of brotherhood (fellowship, alliance).

References in classic literature ?
I didn't travel about in omnibuses, when my poor dear Nicholas was alive, brother-in-law.
Thank you, brother-in-law, so I had,' returned Mrs Nickleby.
My brother-in-law considered it amusing to chaff me about us introducing the girl as Miss Smith," said Fyne, going surly in a moment.
And for all I know, my brother-in-law means to turn up dutifully too.
His brother-in-law must have appeared to him, to use the language of shore people, a perfect philistine with a heart like a flint.
You told your brother-in-law what you thought of it?
His sister and brother-in-law seconded him; but they were frustrated by their heavy outfit and their own incompetence.
He had started out preaching it to his sister and brother-in-law.
Besides the salmi, which was made of Lord Steyne's pheasants from his lordship's cottage of Stillbrook, Becky gave her brother-in-law a bottle of white wine, some that Rawdon had brought with him from France, and had picked up for nothing, the little story-teller said; whereas the liquor was, in truth, some White Hermitage from the Marquis of Steyne's famous cellars, which brought fire into the Baronet's pallid cheeks and a glow into his feeble frame.
If she got no money from her brother-in-law, she got what was as good as money--credit.
Tulliver had been too easy with his brother-in-law, and because he had let the interest run on for two years, Moss was likely enough to think that he should never be troubled about the principal.

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