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a. a member of a male religious order who undertakes work for the order without actually being in holy orders
b. a lay member of a male religious order

What does it mean when you dream about your brother?

A dream about one’s brother or any other close family member is difficult to interpret because of the extensive shared history. One’s real-life brother sometimes represents the concept of brotherhood (fellowship, alliance).

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To outline an answer, we should go back to Weber's own theoretical analysis: Acosmistic brotherliness is at odds with the political, economic, aesthetic, intellectual and erotic value spheres.
We've been struck by the friendliness, brotherliness, in sharing a sporting moment - and that's it", said Sergio Callioni.
Love should pass from person to person and the thought of brotherliness and humanity should draw the desolate hearts of the "heathen" into one family of God.
Islam and other religions called for tolerance, brotherliness, forgiveness, love and social conformity.
Faith in People Scale (FPS) The Rosenberg Faith in People Scale (1956), also called the misanthropy scale, is used to assess one's degree of confidence in the trustworthiness, honesty, goodness, generosity, and brotherliness of people in general.
Precisely the ultimate and most sublime values have retreated from public life either into the transcendental realm of mystic life or into the brotherliness of direct and personal human relations" (612).
Reminders of Turner's brotherliness will keep on intruding.
According to the Gotha Society for the Commonweal, the highest Christian ideals were "Freedom, equality, brotherliness, and the resulting general happiness.
Broadcasters of Radio Pakistan will be enlightened if they visit India and particularly Punjab on any festive occasion and feel the camaraderie, brotherliness and affection that is cherished here Sikhs and Hindus.
Talking to The Nation here Thursday shortly after the six-member Indian team landed here to a warm welcome to participate in Shaheed Benazir Bhutto international boxing starting here January 1, the coach from Delhi said sports were meant to create bonds of friendship and brotherliness and were important for bonding the relations between the two nations.
The patriarchal house of Zechariah as the nucleus of the social structure of domination becomes a mothers' and children's house in which sisterliness and brotherliness reign in place of paternal power.
This is a passionate cry from the heart written with tears and smiles and also with evangelical zeal that is, on occasion, jarring because it challenges the reader's own inadequate constructs of brotherliness.