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To do so, there would be so-called brouters (boxes that are both bridges and routers) on the edge of a TCP/IP internet.
The direct approach is better adapted for the LAN rather than the WAN environment where cost-effective bridges, routers, and brouters can be utilized to connect similar and dissimilar nodes on the network.
17) Par exemple, on rapporte que les Rendille ont affirme ceci apres le massacre : ni eux ni quiconque [les Ilgira] ne feront brouter leurs troupeaux sur les plaines d'El Barta, qui jauniront et se fletriront Or, au milieu de l'annee 1997, malgre la venue des pluies, l'eau ne suffit pas et il n'y eut plus grand-chose a brouter.
The company recently released the MACH BRouter Bridge/Router feature module for its MACH DS plus line of multi-media multiplexers.
The brouter adds the capability of routing Internet traffic to the successful ChannelWorks bridge platform.
The first is for a single end-to-end network management tool that could be used on networks that contain multiple LANS, bridges, routers, brouters, gateways, backbones, equipment from multiple vendors, and WANs that can be geographically remote and heterogeneous, resident in the host or subnet, and managed from a single centralized site.
Though price may be EtherBridge's primary advantage over high-end routers, it is not the only one: whatever aggregate throughput Brouters might claim, they generally cannot match EtherBridge's full wire-speed throughput for a single LAN-to-WAN connection.