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We also had numerous medical calls while the brush fires were going on," Deputy Chief LeBlanc said.
In Castaic, an army of firefighters descended Thursday on a brush fire that sent flames racing toward a hillside neighborhood, forced the closure of lanes of Interstate 5 and prompted the evacuation of a day camp.
A state police helicopter crew helping with the fire in Westminster noticed a brush fire roaring in Princeton and reported it to Princeton officials at 3:02 p.
Two brush fire burned in Gorman during the fall causing no serious damage but blacking the hills along the I-5.
Dozens of children were among more than 300 people evacuated from campgrounds early Saturday morning as firefighters battled brush fires burning in Southern California's drought-parched foothills, fire officials said.
Just as the Sterling brush fire was wrapping up, calls came in around 3 p.
The fear in the wilderness to the south and west of Santa Clarita is that a runaway brush fire could sweep through to the coast.
The sooner it rains, the sooner we can relax, as far as brush fires are concerned,'' said county Fire Inspector Ed Lozano, a spokesman for the agency.
The aftermath of the recent devastating New Mexico wildfires underscores the urgent need for businesses and property owners to seek ways to best protect their property and business operations from brush fire threats, says David Thoman, FM Global vice president and field engineering manager.
Fire departments from across the region have been scrambling to put out brush fires the past few days, and based on fire statistics, it isn't a surprise these fires are sparking up this month.
SANTA CLARITA -- A single-vehicle roll-over crash in Santa Clarita sparked a half-acre brush fire, authorities said Saturday.
Harlow Road and Interstate 5, Eugene, brush fire, no damage.