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Put approximately 1/4 of the cream filling onto the brushed surface and spread evenly to 1cm from the edge.
With a matte, brushed surface finish, these in-ear monitors look as good as they sound.
matte and finely brushed surface textures for a "premium and sophisticated look",
Models HD710 HE720 Capacity 500GB/640GB/1TB 500GB Colour Yellow/Black/Blue Titanium with stainless steelmetal brushed surface, plusmirror like polish Dimensions 132.
Results obtained from the corrosion test on the coated sample on the brushed surface showed noticeable reduction in the corrosion current density and corrosion rate while they showed increase in the corrosion potential and polarization resistance.
All the new floors have a brushed surface and stained matt lacquer pre-finish and come with a 12-year guarantee for surface wear.
Light wet sanding with 500-grit sandpaper can be used with care to remove large imperfections, while 600-grit paper can be used with more pressure and rubbing to smooth out a brushed surface.
Latitudes Equator is a superior composite product which employs proven Strandex(R) technology and offers a unique blend of versatility with two richly textured finishes in one reversible board - an embossed wood grain on one side and a brushed surface on the other.
Stainless steel is good for the hi-tech look and today's brushed surface makes it less prone to showing grease marks from, say, finger prints.
It usually contains 10 percent nickel, providing a brushed surface that resists scratches and is less likely to show signs of wear and tear than a mirrored finish.
The sleek, compact and USB-powered 500 GB Apollo Portable Hard Drive is lightweight, stylish and extremely durable featuring a midnight-black brushed surface with chrome details.
The Imation Apollo Portable Hard Drive, featuring a midnight-black brushed surface with chrome details, is lightweight, stylish and extremely durable and weighs less than 250g.