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Ms Thatcher, a chemist by profession, was a born leader, who did not buckle down when General Leopoldo Galtieri's forces captured the Falklands, a group of islands 8,000 miles away from England.
To Liverpool FC, buckle down and start being proactive and sort out the position of the stadium and Stanley Park.
If Cheryl doesn't use this opportunity to buckle down and go back to the UK X Factor, she's a fool.
So I really have to buckle down and just sit and figure it out," she said adding, "There's so much to do that I just feel like, 'Oh my God, I better get going
Unite should cancel the strike, tell workers to buckle down and win back some customer respect - while it's still got some.
BIRCHFIELD Harriers' highflying Burundian Jean Ndayisenga has been told to buckle down and get himself British citizenship.
Included in the assets to be sold are the company's three remaining operating units: Triumph Learning (Iowa City, IA), HCC's test-prep and intervention business, comprised of its Coach, Buckle Down and Options brands; Recorded Books (Prince Frederick, MD), a producer of audio books and other audio media for libraries, schools, and consumers; and, Oakstone Publishing (Birmingham, AL), a publisher of continuing medical education and employee wellness materials.
However, the strong-running Ballymac Barton has started to trap better and is fancied to win the buckle down the back-straight to prevail.
Levein said: "Lee will have a chance to buckle down and do some fitness work.
So just buckle down and forget that you have lost everything.
But with the calm that surrounds you, this is the perfect time to buckle down on your school work.
It used to be said that being good at snooker was a sign of a misspent youth, and yes, there is a teacher in Ysgol Bro Myrddin, Carmarthen, whose claim to fame is the day she told Matthew Stevens that he should buckle down to his school work as snooker would get him nowhere.