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, common name for the Loganiaceae, a family of herbs, shrubs, and trees of warmer climates, including many woody climbing species. Some plants of this family are grown in the United States as ornamentals, and several are sources of medicines and poisons.
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a genus of plants of the family Buddleiaceae (formerly assigned to the family Loganiaceae). They consist of shrubs or small trees, sometimes herbs. Blossoms are usually small, numerous, variously colored, and gathered into large inflorescences. There are approximately 100 species distributed in tropical and temperate regions of America, Asia, and South Africa. Some species of Buddleia have been cultivated as ornamentals. David’s buddleia (B. davidii, B. variabilis) is a small tree with fragrant blossoms; it originated in China and has many garden forms. Other species can also be cultivated in gardens of the southern USSR. Buddleia grows rapidly; some plants begin to blossom at two or three years of age.


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any ornamental shrub of the genus Buddleia, esp B. davidii, which has long spikes of mauve flowers and is frequently visited by butterflies: family Buddleiaceae
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You can buy a Miniature Buddleia Blue Chip, supplied as a 9cm pot plant, for PS10.
And as for poor buddleias, well, DEFRA says they are doing harm, sprouting out of buildings, choking up our railway system.
Butterflies, birds and bees go wild for the buddleia.
POPULAR FLOWER: Dr Martin Warren, chief executive of the charity Butterfly Conservation, above left, and peacock butterflies on a buddleia flower, left.
Butterflies glide past her as she dips down to drink the nectar from a spike of purple buddleia.
Always prune buddleia hard in spring, cutting back last year's growth to within 2in of the old wood.
Soil warms to give nature's needs Pot containers awaiting sowing seeds Life goes on gently to generate Nature sets time of creation life rate Flowers fruit and veg soon on their way With sun and rain will plan to stay Nature's produce for all our needs Can come from such tiny seeds Buddleia butterfly announce we are at play Birds bees now all wildlife on their way Fox, hedgehog, frog down at pool While all obey nature's golden rule
These pretty plants from South Africa, members of the Scrophularia or figwort family together with verbascum and buddleia, flower prolifically all summer.
bar] VITAL PLANTS: Clockwise from left: small tortoiseshell on aster; peacock on ivy; sedum; a white on buddleia and expert Dr Martin Warren.
Perhaps the most favoured ornamental shrub by gardeners is the buddleia, known as the butterfly bush.
Shrubs such as buddleia, lavatera and potentilla can be pruned hard, before growth starts.
You can also using prunings from shrubs such as buddleia for plant stakes of all sizes, which look more natural than canes.