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It cost 15 percent more to build, but chairman and CEO Peter Sodini says, "Our payback should be quick because we will be using 25 percent less energy than a conventionally built store.
Green proponents argue that traditional construction practices disregard both the long-term true cost of construction on the environment and the more immediate health of the occupants of the structures they build.
If I were going to make the effort to build these spaces for kids, it would only make sense to enhance their ability to learn.
In the older buildings, you gain certain architectural qualities that you just don't get in new schools, like beautiful daylight, high ceilings and durable, timeless materials we can't afford to build with in today's school market.
Although some consider the design futuristic - unlikely to transform America's conventional housing stock any time soon - it is intended to be accessible to individuals of modest means who want to build an affordable eco-home today.
LAS VEGAS -- AutomatedQA, a provider of easy-to-use and affordable tools for testing and developing high-quality applications, today announced Automated Build Studio 3, the latest version of the company's powerful build and release management system.
Teamstudio Build Manager is a flexible and sophisticated build tool that helps automate the application build process to ensure error-free builds, internal control and audit compliance.
The building and construction industry has a significant opportunity to build smarter, more resource-efficient structures that reduce energy consumption, improve indoor environmental quality and are more comfortable to live and work in," said Steve Hochhauser, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Johns Manville.
The Build Safe NYC Project includes the following guidelines:
We have spent 15 years working to get to a position where we could build something that we wanted to build.
Chicago may be the birthplace of the skyscraper and an architectural favorite; the capitals of the Far East may put national pride on the line as they vie to build the tallest.
Additionally, state and federal governments have started to offer tax breaks and other financial incentives to building owners that build green.