build out

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fit out, fit up

To provide the tenants within a building with building services, including heating, lighting, water supply, drainage services, gas supply, electrical supply, fire protection, garbage disposal services, waste disposal services, air-conditioning, and security protection.
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Red Sky System's product solution, including its patent-pending Optical Line Interface and ultra-small undersea amplifiers, enables carriers to deploy unmodified terrestrial terminal equipment across their regional undersea networks to build undersea networks with the same ease and transparent network management as provided by terrestrial network build outs.
For planned semiconductor manufacturing build outs in the nanoscale, these companies are increasingly part of the strategic and technical solutions unrelated to inventory problems.
As our customers' networks evolve, ever growing bandwidth needs and higher data rates on their existing infrastructure require solutions that extend the value of their build outs," said Doug Gardner, Chief Technical Officer at Digital Lightwave.
We also have the advantage of learning from the first wave of data center build outs so that we can offer improved systems and provide services that are more client focused at TITAN I.
This greatly facilitates network restoration and reduces redundant equipment build outs.
1998 through 2000 were characterized by core network build outs, while for 2000 to 2002 the focus is on metro and edge broadband.
Encouraging all competitors in the broadband market to speedup their build outs of high speed Internet connections is the key to reversing the downward spiral in the telecommunications and high tech sectors.