building site

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1. An area or plot of ground with defined limits on which a building, project, park, etc., is located or proposed to be located.
2. The specific location of a building or buildings.
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Steve Barton, sales manager at Barratt Mercia, said: "Many children are hurt and injured on building sites every year and this combined with our commitment to involve local communities in our projects, led us to hold a site safety visit and run this competition with Keresley Newland Primary School.
Company bosses have also explained the dangers of playing on and around building sites.
She added: "At the end of the day boys will be boys and building sites are very exciting places for young lads.
The children learned about health and safety, the dangers of a building site and through role-play became builders and site managers, recording the progress of the building through photos and reports.
Twenty years ago, when I had boobs that pointed skywards and a figure that didn't require construction by Macadam, walking past building sites was like dodging sniper fire.
East Tynedale neighbourhood inspector Kevin Oates, said: "Metal thieves are breaking into sub-stations and industrial premises and stealing from building sites unchallenged because to the general public they just look like traditional workmen, dressed in high-vis jackets, boots, and often with vans or lorries.
But the workmen in this picture don't seem too concerned that a few budding Andy Murrays have made their way into the building site.
A competition has now been set up by Whelan as a way of ensuring the pupils are now aware of the dangers of playing on building sites.
This has led to an increase in the number of thefts and criminals are targeting building sites, farms and churches.
Figures recently revealed more than 800 children have been injured, and 16 killed over the past 10 years in building site accidents.
Unions, employers and safety officials were at the summit in London yesterday, at which Mr Hain called for building workers to have better skills and understanding of health and safety issues and said union health and safety reps should be appointed at every building site.
The incident happened at a building site in Union Lane, Rathdrum, Co Wicklow, at 8:30am.

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