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In determining the survival rate and root formation degree of bulblets by colchicine treatment, it was found that the higher the colchicine concentration and the longer the soaking time were, the more the survival rate and root formation degree decreased.
Multiplication, root formation and bulblet formation: To induce multiple shoots as well as roots in regenerated plants, different concentrations and combinations of cytokinins and auxins (TDZ uM and TDZ uM + NAA mg/l, BAP mg/l + NAA mg/l) were tested.
and showed that in bulblet scales, carbohydrates were increased significantly after flowerings stem removal.
Little bulbs that form along stems below ground are called stem bulblets.
Therefore, the study aimed to find the effects of variants of TDZ-NAA, TDZ-2,4-D and BAP-IBA on bulblet regeneration from juvenile mesocotyl axis tissues excised from of one week old in vitro regenerated seedlings of garlic chive, which has not been reported previously.
Also known as Egyptian onions, tree onions, top onions and walking onions, these perennials set small bulblets on top of tall stems, instead of producing underground bulbs or making seed heads.
Root and bulblet development will continue into spring, and tops may appear.
Several of the alternative onions listed on Page 69 can be handled as perpetual crops by digging and dividing them, or by replanting bulbs or bulblets.
As they grow, the central bulb will give off little bulblets which will grow into shallotsized bulbs.
When planted too shallowly, the bulbs disintegrate into masses of tiny bulblets, incapable of producing flowers.
Effects of culture temperature on the enlargement, sugar uptake, starch accumulation, and respiration of in vitro bulblets of Lilium japonicum Thunb.
Which member of the onion family consists of bulblets known as cloves?