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bull’s-eye, 2
1. A figure or ornament of concentric bands.
2. A round or oval aperture, open, louvered, or glazed; an oculus or oeil-de-boeuf
3. The enclosure of such an aperture, a double-arched frame with two or four key voussoirs.
4. A circular aperture in a masonry wall; usually formed by voussoirs or tapered bricks.


Bill Sykes’s dog. [Br. Lit.: Oliver Twist]
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Hit the bull's eye with your bullet and prove your expertise as a shooter.
You may wait a few minutes for a menu and then be expected to decide on your order pretty quickly, but other than that, the service at Bull's Eye is quite good.
In September, Bull's Eye agreed to pay the relatives of eight sniper victims 52 million to settle a lawsuit that accused the dealer of failing to take security precautions that might have prevented Malvo from shoplifting the $1,600 murder weapon.
Papers filed in a Seattle court say: "If Bull's Eye and Bushmaster and the other gun industry defendants had acted responsibly in the sale of their guns, Muhammad and Malvo would not have been able to obtain the assault rifle they needed to carry out their shootings.
223-caliber semiautomatic Bushmaster XM15 rifle, which Bull's Eye received from the manufacturer on July 2 of last year.
Tech Data Corporation (NASDAQ:TECD) earned top honors from Channel Insider's inaugural Bull's Eye Awards.
today announced that it has received three Channel Insider Bull's Eye awards, including Turnaround of the Year, Newcomer of the Year and Vendor Marketing Program of the Year.
Under the shade of a pine, Christina Isham stretched her bow, aimed at the bull's eye and sent her arrow zooming to its target.
We know testing is highly unreliable, missing up to 50 percent of the cases, and a bull's eye rash occurs in only half the patients.
George Salameh, owner of The Bull's Eye Grill & Tavern in Northridge, said he saw a nearly 25 percent drop in business during this season's first Monday Night Football game Sept.
Many of the protesters wore bull's eye stickers saying ``I'm targeted'' on their backs, chests or foreheads, or covering their employee badges.