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common name for several species of fish. See catfishcatfish,
common name applied to members of the fish families constituting the order Siluriformes, found in fresh and coastal waters. Catfish are named for the barbels ("whiskers") around their mouths and have scaleless skins, fleshy, rayless posterior fins, and sharp defensive
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; sculpinsculpin,
common name for a member of the superfamily Cottoidea, bizarre fishes with large, spiny or armored heads and short, tapering bodies, found in both marine and freshwater habitats. The sculpins include species known as muddlers (i.e.
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Yellow bullhead--alias butter cat-look exactly like a brown bullhead but are yellowish.
For example, when I was a college freshman in Oswego, I tried my hand at bullhead fishing on a campus pond.
Fish stocks - including juvenile brown trout, bullheads and a juvenile flounder - have now been spotted.
The fish, the department added, resembles the bullheads that can be caught in nearby Prospect Park Lake.
Todd Matera: Brook trout (Holland Pond, Holland), bullhead (Ashumet Pond, Falmouth), carp (Connecticut River, Springfield), channel catfish (Connecticut River, Springfield), landlocked salmon (Stillwater River, Boylston), smallmouth bass (Quabbin Reservoir, Gate 8), sunfish (Quabbin, Reservoir, Gate 8), white catfish (Mashpee-Wakeby Lake, Mashpee), white perch (Coonamesett Pond, Falmouth), yellow perch (Triangle Pond, Sandwich).
The pollution, which was reported by concerned members of the public on Friday, caused the River Neath to appear orange and killed a number of bullhead fish.
30 when the Culinary Arts Department at Mohave Community College's Bullhead City campus in Arizona welcomed members of the Mommies and Me organization.
To kill a catfish or bullhead stab it in the head with a sharp knife.
Other Names: creek cat, horned pout, speckled bullhead, red cat
Agner most recently was the managing editor of the Mohave Valley Daily News in Bullhead City, Ariz.
She is survived by her three daughters, Mary O' Reilly-Oyos of Pine Mountain Club, California, Mercy Gaines of Bullhead City, Arizona, and Elizabeth Dowling of La Canada, California; two sons, Bob Tapia of Morro Bay, California, and Ed Tapia of Apple Valley, California; sixteen grandchildren, thirteen great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild.
The virus, which poses no threat to humans, infects round gobies, muskellunge, freshwater drum, smallmouth bass, bullhead, yellow perch and crappie, but more study is needed to determine all the species at risk.