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Inflammation of the tympanic membrane.



inflammation of the tympanic membrane. Acute myringitis is caused by infection; it occurs most often in children. Symptoms include mild pain and a sensation of noise in the ear. Hearing is not significantly impaired. Chronic myringitis develops after an acute myringitis or with diffuse external otitis. Patients complain of severe itching and a sensation of pressure in the ear. The condition is treated with analgesic and antiseptic agents.

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SEATTLE -- Children with acute otitis media who also had bullous myringitis experienced more physical suffering than children with acute otitis media alone, had higher body temperatures, and had more severe otoscopic findings, Dr.
Some of these disorders include bullous myringitis, facial nerve paralysis, acute mastoiditis, cholesteatoma, and retraction pocket.
Nasal pharyngeal aspirate and middle-ear fluid samples of 119 children diagnosed with acute myringitis were analyzed; this included 82 patients with bullous myringitis and 37 with the hemorrhagic form.