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They gloss right over the fact that a bumpy road can cause the ignition to turn off while the car is being driven, which can lead to accidents, serious injuries, and deaths," Thomas J.
Professional trials rider James Dabill handed Charlie his awards at a Bumpy end of season presentation this week.
It s such a bumpy track and the ride on our car was quite poor," Hamilton told reporters in the paddock at the Singapore Grand Prix.
It was difficult with the bumpy pitch and the wind and them scoring early but credit to the boys for showing a bit of character.
A lump, swelling or bumpy areas in the armpit, arm or collarbone.
There is a bumpy "matzah" that's authentic looking right down to the browned bubbles, a wine illustration that comes alive with a shiny Bordeaux patch that's also sticky like real wine, a "leather" "Haggadah" seder-book cover, a crinkled leaf of bitter herbs, and a silky "matzah" bag, all of which combine to provide a true "touch me" experience in this toddler-proof board book.
We still love each other enough to get over the tiffs and bumpy patches we've hit from time to time.
Rhodri Morgan leads the largest party so he has the right to form an administration, but it is likely to be a bumpy ride,'' said Mr German.
She manages to pay their rent and keep them going by working as a street musician, while her little brother Kevin is the "hat" for another boardwalk act by a young medical student named Bumpy Rhoades.
The bumpy topography enhanced the fluoroalkylsilane's water-repelling power, says Gu.
In technology, the road to success is long and bumpy.
And conspiracy theories, utopian conditioning in the nuclear family, macropolitical paradigm shifts, and a pinch of freemasonry could make for a bumpy ride.