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The groomsmen were Mark Newman Adcock; Daniel Baker Benefield, Cedric Waggoner Burgher III, cousin of the bride; Jack Thornton Burgher, cousin of the bride; Sean Philip Douglas; Michael Ryan Horne; Benjamin David James; Nicholas Barranco Jew; Matthew Wallace Monsour; Dakota Jasper Moore; Walker Palmer Roberts; William Michael Russ; brother of the groom; Philip Anthony Sandifer, David Lee Traxler III; and Clark Randall Zelenka.
in person; here, too, the tragic burghers of Calais,
Ask them to describe the emotions and gestures of each burgher.
Dunlop also made it to the pairs final with Noble ( but the South Shields pair of John Kelso and John Burgher put a dent in his plans for a title hat-trick by defeating the Hebburn pair by three shots.
Marshfield's Travis Burgher, a senior outside linebacker on the 18th-ranked Boise State football team, helped the Broncos clinch a share of the Western Athletic Conference championship Friday in a 31-17 victory over Fresno State.
Caught up in these feelings evoked by the Burghers, one begins to notice the dramatic effect of their grouping and the relationship of each Burgher to the others.
Only in this chapter can we peer into the inner dynamics, including the hierarchical structure and the tensions, that Blickle elsewhere obliterates with his overblithe application of such terms as common man, commune, and burgher.
FOOTBALLER Simon Burgher could have been exchanging passes with Stan Collymore and Dwight Yorke in the Premiership.
Christopher Rezel, a journalist and writer and himself a Burgher, acknowledged to me in conversation (Bahrain, June 1996) that most of his relations, privately and in conversation among themselves, had expressed disregard for the Sinhalese and Tamils: European imperialism both led to, and justified itself by, an utter contempt for the conquered natives, and many Burghers absorbed a degree of this attitude.
Vincent's housing for senior citizens, known as Joseph House, is located at 101 Myrtle Avenue in West Brighton, between North Burgher and Broadway.