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1. the chief magistrate of a town in Austria, Belgium, Germany, or the Netherlands; mayor
2. a popular name for the glaucous gull



(German, Bürgermeister). (1) The highest official in municipal organs of state government in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and in local organs of administration of some capitalist countries (the Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria). In the GDR the burgomaster is elected by town meetings of deputies and is head of the executive body of the town meeting, the council. In capitalist countries the burgomaster plays a leading role in local administrative bodies; he is the representative of the central government, appoints and removes municipal employees, and is in charge of drawing up and carrying out the budget. Burgomasters are either elected by the municipal councils (for example, in most of the provinces of the Federal Republic of Germany), directly by the people (in the provinces of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in the Federal Republic of Germany), or appointed by the government (as in the Netherlands). In the provinces of Lower Saxony and Northern Westphalia (FRG), the burgomaster functions chiefly as a representative of the government, and local administration is concentrated in the hands of special officials, known as community directors, who are appointed by the community councils.

(2) In Russia a burgomaster is known as a burmistr.

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110) One reason for their unwillingness to humbly abide by the demands of the Habsburg authorities was clearly expressed by a burgomaster from Amsterdam in 1531--he refused to "deliver any prisoners or innocent Anabaptists to the butcher's block.
60) With his appointment as burgomaster of the aldermen on 2 September 1478, Moreel reached the top of the political ladder within city government.
inscription to-- "How lucky that stupid burgomaster "Charity believeth all is, not to see the risks we are all things" and then-- running
Andrade's combination of sartorial elegance, stout build, balding head, and mustache give him the look of a story-book version of a burgomaster.
Tim Burton, the director, has called it his homage to Hammer, although I had no idea at the time of filming; my brief scenes as the Burgomaster were quite straightforward.
Kathryn Burgomaster was standing at a pay phone in Paris, France, when a stranger ran up to her and asked her to trade calling cards.
IPG Photonics Corporation (NASDAQ: IPGP) today announced that its Chief Financial Officer, Tim Mammen, and Vice President & Corporate Controller, Tom Burgomaster, will be presenting at the Barclays Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 10:45 a.
Martens "Piety and Splendor: The Art Collection of Antwerp Burgomaster Adriaan Hertsen"; Michiel C.
Her father, Albert Salewski, a self made man, was an architect, master builder and Burgomaster of the town.
This did not stall the twinning arrangements, as the burgomaster admitted he participated in the Baedeker bombing raids over Exeter.
Over and above the new gift, the Blochs helped secure some fifty works, including major Deck ceramics such as Anker's two masterly portraits of a burgomaster and his wife, the earliest examples by this Swiss artist to enter the collection and his vivid likeness of Deck (Fig.
Next to the diocesan offices, Dean Glen Burgomaster keeps the 95-year-old cathedral building running--not an easy task on occasions such as last year's Hurricane Juan, which tore the main part of the roof off and poured water into the building.