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If we all went around wearing burkhas, our country would be a very sad place," he said.
DRESS UNIFORM Suspected IS fighter wears frock under formal burkha
Immigration Minister Damian Green ruled out a ban on burkhas, saying it would be "un-British".
3 (ANI): Almost two-thirds of Britons think women should be barred from wearing the burkha in public, the Daily Express reveals a Harris poll, as stating.
I WELCOME France's decision to ban the burkha and believe Britain should follow suit.
In Blackburn, Griffin claims burkhas nothing to do with religion: "It's their way of saying, 'We're here, we're outbreeding you, your Government's paying us to take over and we're going to fly the black flag of Islam over your No 10 Downing Street'.
22 (ANI): British Justice Secretary Jack Straw has said that while he would prefer if Muslim women didn't wear burkhas in Britain, a France-like ban on wearing veils wouldn't be feasible.
She particularly condemns the fact that increasing numbers of young girls are being forced into burkhas to attend primary school.
I don't know about you but, had I daughters, I'd prefer them to wear burkhas and behave accordingly than to ape their anything goes white British peers - for whom, by the way, police and medical units are laid on to ameliorate their excesses at Bank Holidays.
a girly like tcs we Any normal women will soon feel so inadequate that they'll take to covering mirrors and wearing burkhas in the bath.
France has voted to outlaw the wearing of burkhas in public, saying they degrade women.
9 (ANI): British Justice Secretary Jack Straw has said that banning women from wearing burkhas in British streets would be a waste of police time.