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8220;While you almost never see a burlesque show without beer, this will be the first time burlesque has been performed in Richmond right where the beer is made,” says head producer Moxie LaBouche.
The model is set to work her ample curves (again) in a production of burlesque show Crazy Horse but admits she's slightly apprehensive about stripping off thistime.
This year's highlights included camp Aussie comedian Bob Downe, the all-male and death defying burlesque show Briefs and an extravaganza from Mahny Djahanguiri, who wowed crowds with her show about an LA yoga teacher who attempts to enlighten Brits during the recession.
Tony, 49, explained: "I went to my first burlesque show on my birthday in 2009.
Competition winner, Andrew Bezzina from Malta, added: "The Yellow Hostel, with the help of HostelBookers organized an awesome party with great food, free booze, live music and a saucy burlesque show to top it all off
Mat tells how he first met Julie while hosting a burlesque show in Coney Island.
London, Oct 21 ( ANI ): Kelly Brook is set to strip off on stage when she joins the cast of burlesque show 'Forever Crazy' for one week on November 1.
The sounds of the 70s continue with Abba Mania and other onenighters include Talon - The Best of Eagles, burlesque show Shipwrecked, Phantom And The Musicals and Coventry-born Cabaret star Barry Walker with his show group Smackee.
This year's action-packed festival, which starts on Tuesday and runs until December 5, includes a variety of events, from groundbreaking photographic exhibitions to comedy and a glorious burlesque show.
The Cabaret & Burlesque Show is at the Electric Cinema on March 3 and 4.
BURBANK - A visit by a vice sergeant and a code enforcer Thursday to the Burbank Moose Lodge meant curtains for an old-fashioned burlesque show planned for Friday night, organizers said.