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combustion chamber

i. The section of the gas turbine engine into which fuel is injected and burned. The combustion results in very high temperatures, which expands the air flowing through the combustion chamber and directs it onto the turbine at a uniform speed and temperature. A large amount of air passes around the walls of the combustion chamber to protect them. The three main types of layouts used for combustion systems are the multiple chamber, turbo-annular or cannular chamber, and annular chamber. Also known as burners and combustors. See can-type combustor.
ii. In a reciprocating engine, the space above the top dead center. See clearance volume.
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I noticed that the imported hob even with a smaller burner than the locally made hob would cook quickly.
Note that the burners themselves were not modified (it would be dangerous to do so).
The subject of the order is replacement of oil burners at boilers for new, Unused oil burners gas according to the enclosed list of boilers in the price form - enclosure 2 to siwz at 33 bltr in the land.
If what you hear is hissing or sputtering from your flame, it means that your gas burners may not be operating efficiently.
Commander Williams " Mr Spencer said firefighters gave her safety advice about the proper use of candles and burners and the dangers of using products which were not meant to be burned.
Now, maybe, I am being cynical but are wood burners not used to provide heat because it is cold due to the fact it is winter when days are short, nights long and the weather inclement?
New burner management technology is increasing the efficiency and safety of oil and gas processing and giving greater protection to both workers and the surrounding environment.
The performance and cost benefits arising from the latest product development from process gas burner specialist Lanemark International are now offering key advantages to customers of one of the UK's leading manufacturers of industrial ovens.
In addition to the on-line burner control system feature available in all burners, the ECR burner system also has efficiency analyzers and controllers.
We're showing repairs to a range with an electronic ignition system and sealed burners (if your range clicks when the burner lights, it has an electronic ignition).
3 shows the relation of inner temperatures of natural and forced air flow burners with burning time.
Many burners are not tuned in the field to meet published excess air guarantees, and many boiler owners do not hold the manufacturers responsible for achieving these guarantees--especially with low-N[O.