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hardy perennial herb of the family Rosaceae (roserose,
common name for some members of the Rosaceae, a large family of herbs, shrubs, and trees distributed over most of the earth, and for plants of the genus Rosa, the true roses.
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) found in temperate regions, usually with white or greenish flowers. The European species are sometimes cultivated for the leaves, which are used in salads, for flavoring, and formerly as a poultice to stop bleeding—hence the botanical name Sanguisorba [Lat.,=absorbing blood]. Burnet is classified in the division MagnoliophytaMagnoliophyta
, division of the plant kingdom consisting of those organisms commonly called the flowering plants, or angiosperms. The angiosperms have leaves, stems, and roots, and vascular, or conducting, tissue (xylem and phloem).
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, class Magnoliopsida, order Rosales, family Rosaceae.


1. Gilbert. 1643--1715, Scottish bishop and historian, who played a prominent role in the Glorious Revolution (1688--89); author of The History of My Own Times (2 vols: 1724 and 1734)
2. Sir (Frank) Macfarlane . 1899--1985, Australian physician and virologist, who shared a Nobel prize for physiology or medicine in 1960 with P B Medawar for their work in immunology
3. Thomas. 1635--1715, English theologian who tried to reconcile science and religion in his Sacred theory of the Earth (1680--89)
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