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For example, customers can take a fully independent copy of a Fibre Channel disk-based volume, or SnapView Business Continuance Volume (BCV), and store it on ATA disk technology to run application testing, data warehouse refreshes and backups.
By leveraging EMC's TimeFinder Software, Instant Snapshot for OS/390 databases and PATROL Recovery for Oracle with Enterprise Snapshot performs true point-in-time backups from the business continuance volume as users continue to access and update the primary database.
With TimeFinder, users create a mirrored copy of their Oracle data called a Business Continuance Volume (BCV).
CompUSA uses EMC TimeFinder(R) to replicate mirror images of active production Business Continuance Volumes (BCVs) and EMC PowerPath(R), which provides automatic load balancing, path failover, logical volume management and volume mobility capabilities.
New in this version of Storage Horizon is support for EMC's CLARiiON product family and EMC's industry-leading Symmetrix replication solutions - Business Continuance Volumes (BCV) and Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF).
SAN Copy is fully integrated with EMC's TimeFinder and SnapView local replication applications, eliminating the impact to production activities by using Business Continuance Volumes (BCVs) or Snapshots as source volumes so applications stay online throughout the data movement process.
business continuance volumes on heterogeneous storage devices,
Advanced storage features such as Snapshots, Clones and SnapClones will be used to enhance storage availability and provide business continuance volumes.
This software allows system and storage administrators to create, in background mode, independently addressable Business Continuance Volumes (BCVs) for Exchange storage.
By issuing commands from the host system, these Business Continuance Volumes (BCVs) can be managed separately and used to run simultaneous tasks in parallel with one another.
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