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Effective business intelligence requires high levels of performance.
A good plan should contain a concise definition of the issue, why it is important, how the business intelligence will be used, who will use it, what specific questions must be answered, what types of analysis will be performed, and when each of these will occur.
The continued honors and accolades are a powerful statement to our customers and our competitors that Business Objects has developed an unrivaled business intelligence solution," said Herve Couturier, senior vice president of products at Business Objects.
Business Objects Crystal Decisions, Standard Edition provides the flexibility to deploy and use business intelligence to complement existing business applications, data sources, and platforms, and delivers insight in a single, affordable package.
With this environment in mind, more and more mid-sized companies are turning to business intelligence to help them gain a competitive edge.
Traditional Business Intelligence solutions, which analyze and report on structured data typically stored in relational databases, are complex and can only be used by a few power users.
Business Objects was the highest ranked business intelligence vendor on the 2006 LeaderBoard.
Business Objects will continue to offer and support current Nsite applications and will extend on-demand business intelligence to Nsite users.
Nordic enterprises' preferred approach to buying business intelligence solutions
Business Intelligence Search - One of the first innovations from the Business Objects Labs team to be added to the company's flagship platform BusinessObjects XI Release 2 Productivity Suite, Business Objects has delivered a business intelligence search solution that seamlessly integrates BI and search technologies.
Benelux enterpriseseIU approach to outsourcing business intelligence solutions
Combining ClearForest's Text Analytics capabilities with business intelligence solutions from Business Objects provides customers with insights only achieved by having a complete view of the information landscape, multiplying the value previously achieved by tapping structured data and textual content separately," said Barak Pridor, CEO of ClearForest.

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