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Naeem-ul-Haq while talking to the private TV channel praised the role played by DJ Butt for the party, saying that expenses are approved by the finance board of the party beforehand and the amount owed to DJ Butt has been cleared.
Condemning the police assault on Zahoor Butt during detention, the JKLF Chairman said that the detained leader was tortured severely to the extent that he felt unconscious and was shifted to jail in that condition.
If the ICC agrees with the PCB's assessment that Butt has not completed his rehabilitation process - which includes giving lectures to youngsters on the perils of corruption and confess he was the instigator of the deal - it may mean that the five years of his ban that were suspended become activated.
Kourtney knows full well the risks she is taking with her naked photos, especially her butt.
PCB chairman Najam Sethi said that he would fight at the ICC for Amir to resume playing at least domestic first class cricket later this year after ICC anti-corruption laws are amended this summer adding that top lawyers in the UK had advised him that Butt and Asif do not have strong cases.
The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she had sexual activity with Butt and another man.
Constantino Macias Garcia noticed that birds in Mexico City were using old cigarette butts in their nest construction, he hypothesized that the butts might not be all bad.
Majeed, who has also pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to cheat and conspiracy to make corrupt payments, faces sentencing today with Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir.
Hold Onto Your Butt Awareness Day will involve activists, volunteers and friends of the environment gathering on San Diego's busiest traffic intersections as people arrive at the beach.
Snyder's idea of starting every drawing with a butt began when he was a child and used to spend hours with the popular Ed Emberley's step-by-step drawing books.
The invention allows the smoker to easily extinguish the butt on the aluminium plate and then squeeze it through the hole into the bladder, where any residual embers are extinguished due to the lack of oxygen.
Mrs Butt's husband is Labour Glasgow councillor Shaukat Butt, who was awarded the MBE in 2002.