buttercup yellow

zinc chromate, buttercup yellow, zinc yellow

A bright yellow stable pigment used in paints, esp. in metal primers as a rust-inhibiting pigment.
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The colours used in the collection include oxblood and caramel, ginger, rust, a bright buttercup yellow and a rich Mulberry green.
Other pieces are decked out in beautiful colours too, such as duck egg blue and bright, buttercup yellow.
UAE designer, Hanan Syouti, spoke about her Sayora Anna collection which featured loose flowing coats in soft dove grays, ice and sky blues, pale pink, lilac and apricot, mint green and buttercup yellow worn with beautiful floating silk scarves.
As they departed, each wedding attendant was given a natural burlap bag monogrammed in buttercup yellow.
This hardy, exotic Peruvian lily produces clusters of orange flowers blotched with buttercup yellow from mid to late summer.
The Itaquerao Stadium, which suffered chronic delays and worker deaths in its construction, was a sea of buttercup yellow, the color of the national team.
Almost its equal was lamb tagine, the meat falling apart in a sauce thick with sweet, sticky prunes, served on top of cous cous, the buttercup yellow grains of which were perfectly separate.
The high street is beaming with yellow hues, from buttercup yellow dresses to lemon yellow pleated skirts and neon bright accessories.
The following are my garden must haves: Papaver (the Welsh poppy) with its soft yellow delicate nodding heads and the daffodil Narcissus Tte-a-Tte, with its buttercup yellow petals and darker yellow cup, and onethree flowers per stem - small is definitely beautiful.
Her stunning buttercup yellow two-piece ticked all the style boxes.
Rosa xanthina 'Canary Bird' - another excellent climbing frame but a spectacular shrub in its own right, with buttercup yellow single rose flowers in late April and early May.
Amongst the 1,900 inside the Westminster Abbey, which has seen history unfold over 1,000 years, were Queen Elizabeth in a buttercup yellow dress, the Duchess of Cornwall and William's stepmother Camilla in an ivory white outfit as well as other family members and showbiz stars like Victoria and David Beckham, Elton John and Guy Ritchie.