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A term that refers to the latest technology or a term that sounds catchy. Current major buzzwords are IoT, Bitcoin and augmented reality. Just a few months ago, cloud, Big Data and smartwatch were hot topics. A few years ago, social media, Web 2.0, disruptive technology, Twitter, Facebook, smartphone, tablet computer and green were all the buzz. See cloudwashing.

In the beginning, everyone uses the terms to appear knowledgeable and cutting edge (see buzzword compliant). However, if not a flash in the pan, new technologies become mainstream, and the words eventually become everyday vocabulary.

"Nano" This - "Nano" That
Nanotechnology was very popular right after the turn of the century. The "nano" prefix was tacked onto existing manufacturing processes that had already been dealing with microscopic elements for years. Some companies even added "nano" to their corporate name to take advantage of the buzz (see nanotechnology).

Old Buzzwords
Some of the most famous early buzzwords in the industry were MIS in the 1970s, distributed computing in the 1980s and client/server in the 1990s. The last half of the 1990s brought us numerous Internet buzzwords, including Java, intranet and e-commerce.

Just Plain Small
The "nano" term is often used to simply mean "small," as in this mouse transceiver from Microsoft. After being plugged into the USB port, it barely protrudes from the computer.
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Coleraine 2 Donegal Celtic 0 BOUNCEBACkABILITY is the buzz phrase Oran kearney's been bandying around.
committed to right gets board revolution' Localism is another buzz phrase, suggesting that people will be able to decide the future of their own localities, perhaps by local consultation.
A BUZZ phrase quickly grew up during the austere war years - Make Do And Mend.
But 'work in progress' is still very much the buzz phrase at this stage and Boothroyd remains confident that the goals will come.
The new buzz phrase in the world of soft drinks is ' niche beverages' and it gained currency after Coca- Cola and Pepsi recently entered the Brazilian market with packaged coconut water.
Social networking is the new communications buzz phrase, but in Maryland they didn't think much of it.
Jon also breaks open the myth of common ground, a buzz phrase in Washington that reflects a desire to be popular and have lots of friends, but is in reality an abrogation of leadership and a rejection of political principles.
Sarwan made a mockery of the buzz phrase "scoreboard pressure" in Barbados, guiding the Windies to a massive 749-9 declared in reply to 600-6.
It's not enough to create a landscape that is environmentally friendly, which, of course, is the buzz phrase of the decade," said Schucker.
In other completely non-economy-related business, I also have a new buzz phrase this month: "vanity scam.
We have no idea on this" was the buzz phrase among Apple representatives yesterday when asked by 7DAYS about the availability of the iPhone 3G over here.
But while "local waters" could well become this year's buzz phrase, stopping shipments from Fiji isn't going to be the only mission on the lobbyists' bulging agenda.